What are air source heat pumps?

An air source heat pump is a low-carbon, renewable way of heating your home.

They absorb latent heat from the outside air and use it to increase the temperature inside your home.

Air source heat pumps look like air-conditioning units, their size depends on the heat required for your home – the more heat, the bigger the heat pump. it transfers Heat from the outside air which is absorbed into a fluid. It boosts it to a higher temperature using a compressor which then passes through a heat exchanger which raises the temperature and then transfers that heat to water.

It can then via the wet central heating systems provides heat to radiators or underfloor heating and provides domestic hot water. stored in a hot water cylinder for your hot taps, showers and baths.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced Fuel Bills. You will save money on heating compared with older systems.
  • Will cut your carbon emissions —–   air source heat pumps generate less CO2 than many conventional heating systems
  • Can heat your home and hot water
  • Energy efficient
  • Air-to-water heat pumps may qualify for Renewable Heat Incentive payments

Would it Work For my Home?

There are many factors which are to be considered before choosing to install a  heat pump system in your home.

But generally, an existing heat source can be replaced with heat pumps. Depending on the system and property specifications, air source heat pumps can be integrated with existing heating systems.

The heat generated by your heat pump system can, for example, be used to supplement your existing boiler.

While heat pumps can be easily connected to existing radiators systems and do work efficiently,  the best way of optimising system efficiency is to install under floor heating, since these require a lower level of heat over a longer period of time.

Your property’s level of insulation will impact upon the cost and energy efficiency offered by air source  heat pumps.

New build and newly renovated properties are therefore ideal for the installation of heat pumps.

Your current heating and hot water source also has an effect on the financial rewards of renewable heat systems. For example, if you are replacing an electric, liquid gas or solid fuel system with a heat pump, the financial benefits are likely to be reasonably high.

How much will it cost?

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