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Winner Solar PV Installer of the year 2022

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Energy Prices are rising rapidly, start saving now by generating your own electricity!


We are an award-winning Solar panel install company covering the majority of the UK.

Solar panels are saving UK householders thousands of pounds per year in electricity costs and helping to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Why solar panels?

Using solar panels to create your own electricity and a power storage system to harness that power for when you need it means you will start saving money  from the moment your new solar panel system is installed.

By going off the grid, your new energy independent status gives you control over your electricity production and thus protects you from increases in utility costs!

Green energy

Solar energy produces a clean, green source of electricity. If protecting the planet is important to you and you’d prefer a more environmentally friendly solution to your electricity needs, solar power is for you.

Solar power will reduce your carbon footprint as it doesn’t produce any greenhouse gasses, protecting mother nature and contributing to a more sustainable future.

How do solar panels work?

Solar Panels are a simple reliable technology that take energy from the sun and turn it into Electricity.
With Solar panels if you are making more energy than your house needs you are self sufficient and won’t draw any power from the grid.

The excess energy produced is what charges up a solar battery. Once the sun goes down and the solar panels are unable to provide power, the battery kicks in and continues to keep you independent until it drains.

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Would it work for my home?

A south facing roof gives the optimal direction for solar panels as they see the sun when it is at its most intense for the longest period of time which is why they generate the most electricity .

However, this doesn’t mean that east or west facing roofs can’t also be suitable for solar panels. If your roof faces another direction, you can likely still see plenty of benefit from installing a solar array. East and west facing roofs are also suitable for solar panels and will still see a good deal of energy generation throughout the course of the day. For example, an east facing roof will be exposed to sunlight in the morning whereas a west facing roof will take in more sunlight in the afternoon and evenings.

The majority of UK homes have a roof suitable for solar panel installation. Great news for anyone looking to generate their own renewable electricity.

How much will it cost?

Get in touch with us today to get your quote and find out more.


Need finance for your solar panels?

Simple application, competitive rates
Instant decisions, from 12 to 60 months
Loan amounts from £1,000 to £25k.



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Winner Solar PV Installer of the year 2022